• Foundry Art Center Displays Local Artist’s Work

    The collaboration between the Foundry Art Center of St Charles and MADE Makerspace is a perfect match and on display through May 21st. The Foundry welcomed art-loving guests with an elegant reception on the evening of March 12 to mark the opening of an exhibit featuring designs by MADE Makerspace artists. Even though the weather

  • Making “Dance Of Freedom”

    A pictorial post on how the “Dance of Freedom” was created.

  • Buzzer Beater Lamp

    I wanted to make a sports-themed lamp. I was torn between my favorite two sports, baseball and basketball. I pored over a thousand images on stock.adobe.com for inspiration, and knew it would be a basketball lamp when I saw this graphic: It was time to head to MADE in St Louis. The final product turned

  • M.A.D.E. Table Lamp

    I was excited when I got the nod to make one of my lamps for the lobby of M.A.D.E in STL. The M.A.D.E. logo is impressive and was designed by Anna Sher (aksher.com). Honestly, when you first see that logo, it just draws you in. The uniqueness of each letter visually honors the meaning behind the

  • Pods and the Decentralization of our Social Network

    For those who’ve heard about the efforts to decentralize the Internet or Inrupt or Solid or watched HBO’s Silicon Valley, you’ve probably heard buzzwords like the “next big thing” or “the next disrupter.” If it doesn’t make a lot of sense, maybe I can help you understand why decentralization is significant. Rather than keeping your

  • Whale lamp: Cutting the Acrylic

    Part 2 in a series on creating the whale lamp.. I’ve still not fully developed the name for my new lamp, so for now I’ll just call it my “whale lamp.” Here are a few of the steps I completed at Techshop yesterday.              

  • Designing My Whale Lamp

    Part 1 in a series on creating the whale lamp. I loved designing, building, programming and making my Soul of the Eighth Note lamp so on my drive home from Techshop (a 2:20 drive) I started dreaming about my next lamp. I had so much fun designing this in Adobe Illustrator over the past few days and

  • Soul of the Eighth Note

    I’ve wanted to create a lamp using Adafruit NeoPixels for over 2 years. When Techshop opened up last month at their newest location in St Louis (little over 2 hours away), I knew it was one of the first things I was going to make. This lamp has 88 NeoPixels and is running my own

  • Baseball Switch & Outlet Faceplates

    I was trying to design faceplates for Jack’s bedroom because we couldn’t find anything online that met our standard. I spent over 12 hours on the laser cutters at Techshop trying to figure out how to make the faceplates look real and be durable. I’m very happy with the final product. When I showed them

  • Creating a Lighted GHS to Replace GMC Logo on Ben’s Truck

    When Ben turned 16, he purchased a 1998 GMC pickup…Ben was born in 1998 so this pickup is as old as he is. I thought it would be fun to install NeoPixels on the front of his truck. Since he was a student at GHS (Greenville High School) it only made since to replace the